Earn Money With Your Facebook Account 
Do You Use Your Facebook Ads Manager Account?
If not, make easy money renting it out to companies who want to advertise their products.
Rent Out Your Facebook Account
Get paid $100 every month ($50 UP FRONT) renting out your Facebook Ad's Account. We have partnered with several companies who advertise their products on Facebook. However, advertiser accounts must follow a strict protocol. That's where your help comes in! Get started below...
What Are The Requirements?
- You must be 18 years or older.
- You must live in the United States.
- You must have used Facebook on your own computer.
- You must have a Paypal account to accept our payments!
- You must install Teamviewer (https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/) on your computer.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I Have To Give Out My Facebook Password? - Absolutely NOT! We will never ask you for your password. Keep in mind it is in our best interest to respect your privacy. We won't have access to your messages, your wall, your friends, or even your personal account! NEVER give out your password!
  • Will Anything Be Posted On My Facebook? - Absolutely NOT! No one will ever know your account is being used to advertise on Facebook. Nothing will be posted on your wall as an ad or as spam.
  • What is Team Viewer and Why Do I Need It? - Team Viewer is world's best remote support and online meeting software and will give our representatives the ability to safely connect to your computer and setup your Facebook Ads account. This is a VERY secure and safe connection!
  • Is PayPal The Only Payment Option? - Yes, to make sure you receive our payments INSTANTLY and SECURELY, we only offer payment through PayPal. It is the most secure payment gateway in the world.
Just Look At How Many Customers Are Happy With Our Service. Check Out What Kaitlyn Said About Us Below:
    • Kaitlyn A. - San Diego, California
    Kaitlyn entered our program in June 2016 and ended up earning over $200 by renting out her Facebook Advertising account. She even referred three of her friends and ended up earning over $600!
    Get Started Below
    You will be asked a few questions regarding your Facebook account with a very simple form created by Google Forms. All your answers will be secure.

    Don’t worry, this takes less than 2 minutes.
    Step 2: 15 Minute Setup
    If your Facebook account matched all of our criteria and is eligible, the next step is for us to setup our client's ads.
    You will give us Teamviewer access (http://teamviewer.com) for 5 minutes - this way we can do our thing without you having to give us your Facebook password.
    Step 3: YOU GET PAID
    Once the first ads are up, approved and getting traffic - you get paid it's that EASY!
    Click Apply Below To Get Started Today!
    In Just 45 Seconds, You Will Be On The Path To Make Easy Cash!
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